Here's your chance to·

Kidnap An Award-Winning Special Event Planner and Interrogate Her Until She Tells You Every One of Her Successful Event Planning Secrets to Create
Your Own Successful Special Events…

You see, most event professionals don't have the proper forms necessary that will save them time, money and get things done right the first time

As an event planner, producer or special event professional, special event forms play a vital role in the success of your business. If you're a beginner or seasoned special event professional, you must have all the forms necessary to ensure successful events and a successful business.

"Forms play a big part in organizing an event, I would recommend these to anyone new or old in the business."

Bob DeFriest, Owner - Panache Party Rentals

stacy stern csep
Stacy Stern, CSEP

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Answer this question·

Have you ever Planned an event and:

  • Spent money fixing costly mistakes that never should have happened

  • Wasted time running around putting out fires

  • Felt disorganized in the planning process

  • Struggled with communicating effectively with your vendors

  • Felt lost without the proper information

  • Missed little details that cost you time and money

  • Just didn't feel the event ran as smooth as it could have·

If you answered yes to any or all of the above·then read on

The biggest fear of most special event professionals…

is when Murphy will strike (You know Murphy's law·and it exists in the event industry every day!) ·and not if something will go wrong·but what will go wrong during an event that you haven't thought of!

7:43 a.m.

From: Stacy Stern, CSEP

RE: Special Event Forms... The key to successful events

Dear Event Professional,

Hi, my name is Stacy Stern. I am a special event producer, speaker, author and consultant.

For the past 18 years I have been producing events for Social and Corporate clients ranging from product launches, fundraisers, charity events, weddings, social functions, galas, bar mitzvahs, corporate meetings, team building, award ceremonies, employee appreciation parties, industry events and more.

I have earned my CSEP and numerous awards. I teach others at our industry conferences how to become successful at producing events.

I don't tell you this to brag or boast, I only mention it because we're going to talk about something very important to you and your business success, and I want you to know what I tell you is true and reliable.

You see, I've had hundreds of people ask me how I plan events and how I've been able to become successful in the special event industry. They often times ask me how they could learn to build a successful and profitable special event business, but unfortunately, due to working on my own projects and working with a few select clients, I've had to turn them down... But now, I've found a way to help those who want to learn from my experience and years of event planning and producing.


Special Event Forms

The Special Event Forms represent 18 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, education and experience to create the very forms that will make your life easier and save you more time and money.

Now I 'm going to open my private files and share with you my event forms that have helped me become successful·allowed me to work a few months a year, enjoy a lifestyle that I love, vacation in Europe, travel and have fun in my business·I've made the mistakes so you don't have to·

Have you ever found yourself worrying about:

  • Finding the right vendors
  • Getting paid on time
  • All your set up completed on time
  • Did I cover every detail of the event

Without the proper contracts, agreements and forms·your events will not run as smoothly as they should and your event business will continue to be plagued with lost time, money and missed revenue opportunities.

The proper forms will solve all those worries! And make your job easier and less complicated.

Here's what Event producer Steve Kemble says about using forms

"Many of us professionals-myself included- in the special events and meetings industry are very much on the creative side of the business. Thankfully, early in my career someone gave me the wise counsel to take the time and energy to invest in having various business forms done for my company. Taking the time to create and to implement these forms has helped me immensely through the administrative side of my business. This single task is one of the greatest investments of time and money I have made in my career."

Steve Kemble, Principal - Steve Kemble Event Design - Dallas, Texas
Starring in the TV show ãWhose Wedding Is It Anyway

OK·so I understand the importance of using forms·but where do you get those forms?

You can't just walk into an office supply store and say I want event planning forms· You can't even find them on the Internet·until now that is·

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Announcing Special Event Forms·The solution to properly planned and executed successful events·

Imagine this·

You're working with the proper forms·you have all the event information you need at your fingertips· your job is easier, you work more efficiently, and your events run better· almost effortless· all your vendors know what to do and when to do it. You get paid when you want and the event flows smoother than it ever has before·

Successful events are all about using the right forms with the right information·

"You can never have enough forms.  Forms make you look and act like a professional. They help you to be organized which in turn only helps your bottom financial line. Forms also make your vendors and suppliers take you more seriously"

Rebecca Coons, formerly V.P. of Sales & Marketing
Extraordinary Events, Orlando, FL

Sure, you can do without these forms and run your business and your events·but then you'd continue to lose money and waste lots of time.

Or on the other hand, you could be working with these forms·They will make your job easier, help your events run better, save you time, enable you to be more productive and allow you to bring in more business!

The planner checklist is a wonderful tool that should be used by all event planners. The forms are clear, concise, and easy to use!"

Annie Patton, CSEP, Festivities
Charlotte, NC

After reviewing your contract form I realized that I was missing several key points. Not anymore!

Dubey Dubiach, CSEP, President
Capitol Events, Washington, DC

You Will Benefit·

With forms like The Site Survey Form and the Talent Agreement Form·

Here's what Rebecca Coons has to say about these two forms·

"The site survey form will help you to remember all of those questions you can so easily forget to ask when you call a prospective location or do a site inspection. The form allows you to be quick, thorough and professional which both you and the location will appreciate in the long run.

Every producer should use the Talent agreement form to protect themselves, to ensure a good performance and to be clear with every vendor or talent of their expectations. This agreement should erase any possibility of a misunderstanding with your vendors".

Once you own these forms·they are yours to use, customize and incorporate into your event business.

I use forms for everything. However, it takes a lot of time to create them. The forms I got from The Special Event Group are the best I have seen. I am using them as we speak. They save me an untold amount of time.ä

Ken Samuels, CMP
Garrett Production Group, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Let's face it·there's so many aspects of the event business. You need to be organized, professional and detailed. I know what it takes to be successful in this industry·I produce events for major corporate clients, fundraisers, social events and industry peers.

These forms will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

It was suggested that we charge five hundred to a thousand dollars for these forms.

I flat out said·NO WAY!

If you were to have all these forms created for you, it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars·that is, if you could find someone who knows what forms you need and how to create them·

You don't have to go through any of that trouble·I've done all of it for you.

So, here's what you get with Special Event Forms:

All twelve forms listed below along with downloadable audio files by Stacy Stern CSEP, explaining each form, what each form is for and how to use them.

Form 1: The Contact Sheet: The Rolodex of Success, lists all contact information for every one of your contacts, vendors, clients, etc.

Form 2: The Site Survey Form: Details the capabilities of the site. What you can and can't do, saving you time and money!

Form 3: The Event Planner Checklist: Leaves nothing to chance. The Event checklist covers every detail of the event and ensures that you ask all the right questions enabling you to come across as a knowledgeable, self-assured event professional

Form 4: Vendor Requirement form ö Spells out what you expect from your vendors: proper attire, behavior, and all other requirements you expect from your vendors. This will avoid any embarrassing or unprofessional situations.

Form 5: The Agreement ö A-Z Agreement. The special event contract will Make sure you're protected and that you get paid

Form 6: Billing form ö The special event invoice that you use to bill clients for services and products. This form makes sure you get paid when you specify payment is due.

Form 7: Vendor Talent Form ö This agreement ensure that all talent abides by your policies and procedures and does not promote their business.

Form 8: Entertainment Agreement ö This is a contract between you and your client when you book entertainment only events. It specifies all the arrangements for any talent or entertainment

Form 9: Sponsor Commitment form - Used for fundraisers to specify items donated for raffles or auctions.

Form 10: Independent Contractor form - Used for special event staff who are not on your payroll to protect your company from tax liability.

Form 11: Model Release form - The agreement between you and a model allowing you to use the photos, videos or likeness for future marketing or advertising campaigns.

Form 12: On-site authorization form ö ensures that any on-site add-ons are authorized and that you get paid for them.

Once you order the forms... we will ship you a CD with all the forms ready for you to customize, print out and use immediately for your event business.

You'll also get the forms overview so you can listen as Stacy explains what each form is for so you can start saving time and money today!

So·What's The Cost You May Be Asking?

We could easily charge five hundred to a thousand dollars for these agreements, checklists and forms, but we decided that we wanted as many event professionals as possible to have these forms so we're offering the Special Event Forms for $297.00

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But there's more, so read on·

If you order now·you'll also get access to an in-depth interview with Stacy Stern CSEP, where she will share her secrets on how to become a successful event producer·

Scott Vogel, renowned wedding and event marketing specialist, flew to Florida and interviewed me for three hours. Asking question after question on how to become a successful event producer. He left no question unanswered. He grilled me on what makes a successful event professional. If an answer wasn't clear·he made me explain it so anyone listening to the interview can learn what it takes to be successful.

Scott has interviewed some of the top event professionals in the world, and understands what you need and want to hear about successful event planning.

It would have cost you thousands of dollars to fly to Florida to meet with me one-on-one to teach you what I shared with Scott.

We're not going to charge you anywhere near the $3,000 it would cost you to experience this on your own (plus travel expenses). Since the work was done once and the recordings can be sold forever, we're going to give a huge discount.

The regular price for the forms and the interviews is going to be $297...but as a special marketing test we're offering all 12 forms, the narration of the forms and the 3 hours of down-to-earth from the trenches information for only $197.

The forms and interviews will be shipped to you immediately if you

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Let's review...

You get:

  • All 12 Time And Money Saving Special Event Forms Delivered To Your Doorstep on CD
  • The Accompanying Audio Files (MP3 format) Explaining How To Benefit From Each Of The Forms
  • The Audio Files on CD Of The Three-Hour Interview With Award Winning Event Producer Stacy Stern. You Can Listen To Them In Your Car, On Your Power Walk Or On Your CD Player.

So take action today...and start experiencing the "mindset" of a successful Special Event Producer. You'll never be the same again.

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Yours in Event Success,
Stacy Stern, C.S.E.P.

P.S. You get a three-hour $3,000 heart-to-heart personal interview, 12 customizable special event forms for you to change and use as your own, plus the audio files explaining each checklist, agreement and form. It's like having your own special event consultant at your disposal·in easy-to-listen-to MP3 format on CD, and a completely risk free guarantee. If you can call me on the phone and realistically tell me that these forms were of no use to you, your business, your career as an event planner or special event professional·then I'll refund your money.

P.P.S. These forms have been developed for The Special Event Group by and for Stacy Stern, C.S.E.P. All the checklists, forms and agreements that you are purchasing are legal documents. As such, any legal documents must be reviewed by an Attorney before you present them to a Client or Vendor as an added protection.

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